TCRUK Castle Combe comes to an early finish with Steering Rack Failure

Darelle Wilson sustained major damage in qualifying.

Wilson had just set a personal best first sector time before he lost ability to steer in his Vauxhall Astra after clipping the tyre stack installed at Bobbies.

He told TouringCars.Net that clipping the tyres snapped his steering rack, spearing him off the circuit, through a corn field and into a brick wall.

“The steering rack snapped,” said Wilson. “I turned right, and as soon as I went to turn left, I think I might have clipped the tyres a little bit but the tyres are only small anyway and then straight away I had no steering.

“So I ended up going through the corn field and in the middle of the corn field there’s a big brick wall. So I managed to hit that too.

“Plus a marshal has jumped in the car, and then they broke the steering wheel. They pulled all of the wires out of my steering wheel. So there’s even more damage.”

Due to this extensive damage, Wilson says it’s unlikely he will compete in the pair of TCR UK races at the 1.85-mile Wiltshire circuit tomorrow.

“It doesn’t look very likely but I’m trying everything I can.”