The TCR concept is a worldwide affordable entry level Touring Car Racing platform. There are four main tiers to the pyramid of TCR Racing; National, Regional, International and Endurance.


It’s a customer-oriented series that aims to offer significant business opportunities to teams, brands and constructors in terms of supply and management. Cars that race within the National Championships can also race in Regional events, International events and Endurance events. Therefore cars can be raced all over the world by the same or different drivers. There is a demand for hire cars, increasing business opportunities.

The Technical regulations are the same globally and have been frozen from any changes, which benefits over 500 TCR cars already racing and enables the smooth transition between racing in different countries. The lack of depreciation also makes the cars an attractive business proposition. They hold their value well and have a worldwide market place.


ENGINE: Production-based max 2.0L Turbocharged

OUTPUT: 350 bhp (approx.)

GEARBOX: 6-speed sequential with paddle shift


TYRES: 8” control tyre


Boosting a worldwide interest in Touring Car racing

‣ Maintaining a long-term stability of the regulations to control production, development and running costs, ensuring a long life for the racing cars.

‣ Enhancing the competition through a Balance of Performance system

‣ Making the series affordable for teams and drivers.

‣ Offering the opportunity to car constructors and brands to create a customer portfolio and promote the production models.

‣ Creating a second-hand market for racing cars and spare parts

‣ Giving the opportunity of using the same car for National, Regional, International Series and long-distance races.

‣ Increasing the value of the investments made by the teams.