Round 2 Snetterton Victory Lane for Martin Depper

Not having any testing on Friday left Martin Depper on the back foot, but he was quite confident that the team would have put a good set up on the car that would give the other drivers a run for the money.

Qualifying 6th wasnt to bad because they was the second highest car with the full weight. Race 1 he got off to a good start getting in to 4th place off the line and hunting down 3rd place.

Martin manged to do a go dummy move and hold a tighter line and get on the inside and pass Jessca for third 2nd was to far ahead for Martin to catch him.

Even he had overal place was better race 2 he got a good start, going up to 2nd but Dennis (Strandberg) was looking very racy behind him and at the end of lap 1 he out-braked him into the first corner with them both leaving braking until really late, but he shot down inside, waiting for him to cut back.

There was millimetres between them and he went wide and Martin was able to carry on and get the power down and get away.

The way the diesel Scirocco works is that it’s so much better in clear air, when Martin came across the line at the end of lap 9 the chequered flag was out so he slowed down.

Bond came past him but the Marshalls were waving them on so Martin speeded up again. When he came down the pit lane the flag man immediately apologised and it was sorted by the Officials”.