Darelle Wilson says he is happy with the outcome of last week’s visit to Germany, in which his Vauxhall Astra TCR underwent diagnostic checks by the car’s builder, Kissling Motorsport. The car spent a total of five hours on a rolling road at Vmax Performance in Borken, during which a number of issues were discovered and rectified.

The original reason for the trip was a feeling that the car was underpowered at the Brands Hatch meeting in early June. The DW Racing team was concerned that, after being fastest through the speed trap at the previous round at Knockhill, the Astra was one of the slowest cars at Brands Hatch. A replacement ECU was thought to be the issue and so the team wanted to check that the car was producing the same power as the Opel Astra cars competing in the TCR Germany series.

Following the visit, the team is confident that the car is once again performing as it should and so is looking forward to the next TCR UK race weekend at Castle Combe in Wiltshire on July 14thand 15th.

Les Latham, the Team Coordinator for DW Racing, commented: “We have to say a huge thank you to both Kissling Motorsport and Vmax Performance for being so thorough. Not only did they discover the cause of the problem that we had at Brands Hatch, but they also solved a number of other small issues such as an electrical warning light on the dashboard that kept coming on.

“Because of the way TCR works, we were able to say to the guys in Germany that we could see other Astras winning races elsewhere while we were struggling for speed. They really took that on board and worked hard to solve the problem. We’re now back where we should be and so we’re looking forward to going to Castle Combe where the circuit should really suit the Astra.”