DW Racing hit a brick wall for round 3 Brandshatch TCR UK Championship

Darelle Wilson had a very good round bringing some big points home from round 2 at Knockhill, but Round 3 at Brandshatch showed a very different story, with lack of power on the corners.

A frustrating weekend for DW Racing where we had some Modifications to the ECU sent over from Germany, which left the car with a lack of power.

On the Free practice run i encounted the issue going into the corner and coming out with no power at all which was losing me time and pace against the other cars. This is a big problem for us, and even though we were ok on the straights, the corner speeds were letting the lap times be a really bad and worst ever…


When back in the pits i went through the issues and we tried some fixes and got the technical guys over to have a look over the car, but found no issues on there laptops. Again this is not what we wanted for doing so well up until now.


We decided as a team to carry on and score as many championship points as possible and finishing 6th in the last race meant I came home with some good points and put on a good show for sponsors and spectators alike.

We had in fact gone from the fastest through the speed traps at the previous meeting to being the slowest at this event. Looks like a trip to Germany is on the cards sometime this week!