We returned to Brands hatch for the TCR weekend and qualifying would start on a dry track but the rain began to fall as the cars went onto the track. The team decided Darelle should put in two laps on dry tyres and come back to the pits due to not wanting to use our wet tyres for qualifying and save them for the race.

This decision meant we would line up at the tail of the field for race 1. The race started well, Darelle overtaking a couple of cars but our luck didn’t last long. An electronic glitch meant that the gearbox was changing gear randomly at different parts of the track and we were forced to retire from the race.

Still having car troubles, we started race 2 from the rear of the grid and Darelle did everything he could to keep from being lapped over the short Indy circuit, we settled for 5th position in what had been a difficult weekend.